BLANK_ Humanity

BLANK_ Humanity

NFTs for Humans.

BLANK_ Humanity

NFTs for humans.



Humans like Initializers, data indicates that the mint for Initializers sold out in 15 minutes. If you’d like to join at the ground level, you can find your perfect Initializer on OpenSea!

Join the game played across all metaverses

Join The Experiment, which guarantees a large payment to a single wallet address. The value of each of our NFTs is based not only on scarcity and speculation centered around our assets themselves, but also on intrinsic value due to voting power and the ability to “burn” the assets to recoup a portion of the treasury. This burning feature also introduces a deflationary mechanic, which helps the NFTs retain their value.

Hundreds of ETH is at stake

BLANK_ Humanity is a movement building new and better ways for humans to interact with decentralized technologies. We're creating for creators and collectors alike.

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be One of the first test subjects to participate.

mingle with other humans.
as humans do.


BLANK_ Humanity is a full-time endeavor, driven by a passionate developer with 10+ years of experience building multi-million dollar P2E digital collectible experiences in virtual worlds and metaverses, alongside a capable tech-heavy team looking to forge something meaningful. The project is being strategically tackled to create long-term value for everyone involved in the BLANK_ ecosystem while building technologies to further the Web3 space as a whole. The following timeline may be subject to change as new milestones are hit and opportunities arise, but is laid out to communicate the value we intend to bring to our community along with when to expect these developments. It will be solidified as the project progresses!

Phase 1


  • “FUN PLACE” in Discord becomes available to Initializer Holders
  • Simple pocket dimensions become available to Initializers
  • Initializer profiles sharable across all social media
  • Partnerships, partnerships, and more partnerships!

Phase 2

  • Pocket dimensions for Initializers get a makeover!
  • Blanket is made available to third parties
  • Pocket dimension metaverse code is released open source to the community
  • Whitepaper released

Phase 3

  • Bitizen mint opens
  • Initializer pledging contract
  • Territory battle contract
  • Merch

Phase 4

  • BLANK_ DAO contract is launched
  • Complimentary open source contracts are released for “The Experiment”

Initializers Roadmap

AI generated lore, custom 3D models, metaverse pockets, land NFTs, new tech, and so much more! As the Initializer mint progresses, BLANK_ Humanity will be able to serve our community in bigger and better ways. We’ve already began building alpha versions of some of these roadmap items, which you can check out here. As we hit targets we’ll begin production on the listed features!

Initializers are a special NFT precursor to the Bitizens Collection, with only 969 total ever being minted.

They hold a unique role in the Revolution, serving as Creators and Symbols to congregate around, such as being used to found Civilizations for Bitizens and having elevated privileges in the governance of BLANK_ Humanity.

0% ◁

Minting begins

▷ 10%

We will create AI generated Initializer backstories for 10 holders, and work the resulting characters into lore!

25% ◁

3 random holders are chosen to receive personalized 3D renders showcasing their Initializers!

▷ 50%

Pocket Dimensions will be created for all Initializers (the beginning of our first metaverse!)

75% ◁

Blanket will be integrated with Cryptopunks and Initializers

▷ 90%

$5,000 donated to Dev Launchers, a nonprofit organization training aspiring devs

100% ◁

Genesis parcel airdrop to 20 Initializer holders

Continent airdrop to 1 Initializer holder

Initializer art is revealed

Bitizen production begins

Bitizens Roadmap

The Bitizen Collection contains 10,000 fully unique NFTs. The art for each NFT is composed of six different traits, each with differing levels of rarity, and some with the possibility to have ultra-rare color mutations. Painstaking efforts have been taken to make sure that no two Bitizens will ever have the same form. Owners will retain full commercial rights to their NFTs, and we believe quite a few of the little guys are contending for the #1 most iconic slot.

Coming soon!

The Team

Founder & Lead Dev

With a decade of Metaverse experience, Kris founded a multi-million dollar secondary market ecosystem in a virtual world. In addition to numerous projects, he then founded Dev Launchers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit for technical education.

Dev & Community

James is an AI Researcher by trade, having engineered Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing tools for accessibility and environmental sustainability. He volunteers as a Project Lead teaching diverse groups about blockchain technology.

The Mission

BLANK_ Humanity’s mission is to push the boundaries of blockchain, specifically in areas where everyday people, modern-day users and consumers, directly interact with these technologies and with each other. We believe that these new paradigms present an opportunity for a more diverse range of people than ever before to participate in and shape a global narrative, gaining freedoms to access finances and value stores that are fundamentally protected. We believe in empowering people through technology. We believe in amplifying voices and connecting people. We believe in building for Humans.

BLANK_ Humanity is seeking team members from exceptional backgrounds to join our movement, as well as passionate developers to join our developer network. Please reach out to us on Twitter or in Discord if you’re interested!