Name: Macro
Type: Item, usable.
Purpose: Updates Initializer source code, giving them supernatural powers or other benefits.

Physical Description:
BLANK Space: Macros appear as simple rounded cubes, which, when filled, emanate a pale light in different colors. The color indicates the type of skill residing within the object.
Cup Grounds: Within the Cup Grounds, macros appear as objects of great potency. These, too, give off a soft light that indicates their type, yet here they are perfectly spherical and make the air around them shimmer and condense with their power.
Info: Macros have been in use within BLANK Space since the creation of its Cup. They often turn out to be the difference between the success and failure of any given mission, making them strategically significant.
Upon use, most macros leave their container and enact irreversible change to the Initializer’s code.
Upon activation of a macro within BLANK Space, the light winks out. Empty containers returned to the Fun Place’s fifth revolution are eligible for a return on a deposit made at purchase. Empty containers can be filled with all types of macros.
Though the use of any given macro might be locked or limited in specific cup Biomes, they remain within the Initializer’s inventory.

Macro Categories:
General (pale white): Mostly consisting of quality of life macros, anything within this category adjusts the basic stats of any individual.
Defensive (pale blue): These macros specialize in keeping the individual or team safe from physical and cyberattacks.
Offensive (pale red): Specifically produced to harm or disable opponents, offensive macros offer a wide range of ways to deal with problems that may arise in the BLANK Cup.
Support (pale green): By far the most expensive type, support macros are hard to master yet offer temporary or event-long boosts to other faction members or oneself.
Biome-Specific (pale orange): Only usable when physically inside that given biome within the Cup Grounds.
Special (bright gold): This elite macros category contains remarkable skills that grant unique powers to their user.

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