BLANK Humanity

BLANK_ Humanity

Dent – Chapter 1, Part 3

Dent found himself on a battlefield, his HUD telling him that there was a group of defenders nearby.
He called up his Macro-Nav and scrolled through countless locked options, passing over grey text and moving images until his eyes spotted a highlighted one entitled “BOOM.” As he contemplated, explosions shook the ground around him. His fellow Faction members fell by the scores. Dent knew that they didn’t actually die, that his friends would just wake up in the Hub. They’d be a little shaken and lacking HP, but alive. Despite this fact, the sight was still terrible to see.
He activated his skill, moving his arm behind his back and opening his hand. A bright ball of fire formed just above his palm, its flickering light casting shadows despite the sun glaring down onto the arena. He twisted his hips and with a powerful motion used his body to create momentum, throwing the fireball with all his might.
It flew in a high arch, falling down among the defenders and igniting on impact. As the sound of destruction reached his ears, the defenders’ colorful blips on his HUD blinked out.