BLANK Humanity

BLANK_ Humanity

Dent – Chapter 1, Part 4

“This here is Diana. Her favorite food is. . . well, anything I give her, really. And if any of you decide to become trouble, I might just give you to my little princess here.” Rex said while scratching the large animal’s eyebrow ridge vigorously. As he did so, Diana’s left leg lifted up and started moving spastically with enjoyment.
Despite his anger, Dent had to stifle a laugh as he watched this strange scene play out in front of him. The colossal dino, reduced to an object of mirth by its similarities to the ordinary canine.

The Fun Place

“Spiral road is a one-way street, built like a coil. Its shape is specifically designed to be efficient, as well as to provide the most comfort to visitors. There is only one way: upwards.” Little Helper said, this time buzzing directly into the auditory sensors of Dent, impossible to ignore.

Dent – Chapter 1, Part 3

Dent found himself on a battlefield, his HUD telling him that there was a group of defenders nearby.
He called up his Macro-Nav and scrolled through countless locked options, passing over grey text and moving images until his eyes spotted a highlighted one entitled “BOOM.” As he contemplated, explosions shook the ground around him. His fellow Faction members fell by the scores. Dent knew that they didn’t actually die, that his friends would just wake up in the Hub. They’d be a little shaken and lacking HP, but alive. Despite this fact, the sight was still terrible to see.
He activated his skill, moving his arm behind his back and opening his hand. A bright ball of fire formed just above his palm, its flickering light casting shadows despite the sun glaring down onto the arena. He twisted his hips and with a powerful motion used his body to create momentum, throwing the fireball with all his might.
It flew in a high arch, falling down among the defenders and igniting on impact. As the sound of destruction reached his ears, the defenders’ colorful blips on his HUD blinked out.

Dent – Chapter 1, Part 2

Terrified, Dent watched as the Cube started to collapse into itself, then expand again. Its previously smooth sides broke into a million tiny parts, each rapidly gliding across the surface, bobbing and weaving among each other. Electricity crackled and blasted through the enormous structure, binding each individual segment to the ones around it, forming a grid of interlocking bonds that acted as the confines of the cube.

Dent – Chapter 1, Part 1

Suddenly a loud voice blasted from everywhere and nowhere. Its intensity shook those who heard it, bringing with it an instinctual fear. This voice did not belong to one of them, but to the God of the Space. 
BLANK’s words could not be drowned out, nor could you choose not to listen. It was a force, penetrating thoughts and paralyzing bodies.