The Skyscrapers

The Skyscrapers
The southern edge of BLANK Space
Contains charging- and power-down stations for Initializers called “Home Slots.”
Shaped like enormous shark fins and placed in neat rows on top of an area shaped like a parallelogram, the Skyscrapers reach heights unlike any other place within BLANK Space. View them from the east or west and the Skyscrapers would look like three gigantic mountains, slightly overlapping, growing taller towards the center. Yet seen from the north, they resemble enormous blades, piercing the sky.
The Skyscrapers themselves are of a dark shade of grey and look dull from afar. But move close and you will see thin lines of blue energy, running in beautiful symmetrical shapes along the outsides of the building. These lines connect every Home Slot to the Skyscrapers, which themselves function as data storage and recharge facilities.
Looking like Initializer-shaped holes in the wall, the Home Slots are clearly meant for functionality, and not designed for beauty. There are exactly 323 Home Slots per Skyscraper, placed in a grid that covers both sides of every building.

Skyscraper Transit Station
The only place through which Initializers are able to enter and exit the Skyscraper district is through its Transit Station. It is created in the likeness of a train station, complete with high walls and arched windows. If you were to look up, you would see BLANK Space’s sky through the glass-domed ceiling, its permanently shimmering aurora slightly illuminating places which would otherwise be hidden in the dark.
Right through the middle of the building are the train tracks upon which the compartments move between the districts. Currently, there are fifty-seven compartments, each with room for exactly seventeen Initializers, though there won’t be forever.

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