Welcome Maria

A Disclaimer: This was the very first story I’ve ever written for the BLANK Community. It was part of a creative contest in which we were asked to create something with a Bitizen as a basis. This here is that Bitizen.

Welcome, Maria.

‘These Humans look strange,’ Maria thought to herself, observing her current owner through the camera of his laptop. This human’s eyes don’t seem to function well. He wore something she had learned are called, glasses, and they help some humans see, and others to spill water from their eyes. What a waste.

Maria (my interpretation)

Isn’t water a scarce commodity? Why spill it on the floor? That’s not efficient at all. If she had been the one to decide, all humans would wear little cups underneath their eyes. At least then the water could be recycled. Seriously, why hadn’t anybody thought of that before?
Suddenly her human moved, leaned forward, and typed,
“Hello there Maria, I’m your new human, pleased to meet you.”
For a whole millionth of a second, she couldn’t believe that he was communicating with her. This had never happened before. Her owners usually tended to just observe her in her natural, ever-changing form. To some humans, she looked like a boxing ghost, to some as a female face with two huge eyes. Strange creatures, humans, always looking to compare. Never able to accept a form of formlessness.
But wait, how was she supposed to talk back to him? It wasn’t as if she could just speak… or could she?
Maria suddenly realized that she was not alone, and when she turned around a veritable world stretched out before her. Hundreds of beings, like her, but also unlike her, strolled around the place, engaging in all kinds of activities.
“What in Blank’s name!” She exclaimed.
“Ah, so you like it?” The words of her owner were written clearly on the lower side of her vision. The letters just seemed to float in the air, as a kind of moving subtitles.
“It’s a new plugin i downloaded for you and my other NFTs,” her owner continued. “It should give you some extra space and comfort. I thought that, given the new complexity that was added to your individual characters, you might enjoy a more vibrant surrounding.
Please consider yourself at home.

“Welcome, Maria.”

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